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I’m quite lucky, I think, that I’ve never had any major weight problems to overcome. Despite having a rather sedentary job (desk-bound, at the London escort offices), I’ve managed to get myself into quite a decent routine of exercise, including going to the gym or the pool on most days. But I’ve always been naturally thin anyway, and, at the risk of angering the less fortunate out there, can pretty much eat what I want, within reason. I can’t imagine myself ever being tubby; I think I’ve inherited my Dad’s fast metabolism – he’s been a stick insect all his life.

My friend Clarissa, on the other hand, has battled weight problems since childhood. All her family are on the large side and she just followed suit. I admire her though, because despite her self-confessed huge appetite, she’s always managed to keep a hold on the weight gain and stop herself just ballooning. Recently, though, it’s been particularly difficult because she had a knee operation that put her out of action for two or three months. Despite being even more careful than normal with her diet, the occasional comfort binge and lack of exercise has resulted in her gaining over a stone. She still looks nice, but now she’s back on her feet she’s desperate to lose the weight and regain some control over her body. To this end she’s followed the advice of countless women’s’ magazine gurus and purchased her dream bikini in a size 12. She’s too big for that now, but every time she opens her wardrobe and sees it hanging there, it acts as an extra incentive to get back on the treadmill and drop the chocolate cake in the bin.

Her method gave me a similar idea for other people who are trying to lose weight, mainly guys. I know from talking to my mates that low self-esteem due to body issues such as being over weight can seriously affect how confident they feel about approaching women, or even booking a date with an escort girl. I think they should give themselves the incentive of a date with a blonde escort in London or a busty escort in London to inspire them to work off the extra pounds. They could even print off a photo of their favourite escort from the website and put it up on the wall! Even better, they could approach the ideal date in stages – for example print off pictures of their first, second and third favourite escorts, and label each one with the amount of weight needed to be lost before going on a date with that girl. Obviously, the date with the top London escort would only be allowed once the guy reached his ideal weight. What an incentive! I think I should patent this idea. Just imagine, men all over the world would be pulling on their shorts and pounding the streets, just dreaming of the date they’ll one day have with Miss Perfect!

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